there are many myths about teeth whitening present all over internet leading to many questions. Does whitening erode your enamel? Whether or not natural remedies effective? If I want to whiten my teeth, which one should i prefer professionally or at home? Does over-counter whitening strips or whitening toothpaste actually work?

Before we resolve myths about teeth whitening procedure lets understand Why do teeth turn yellow?

There are plenty of reasons why teeth can lose some of their white shine. The most common ones are stains from dark drinks like coffee, soda, and tea, betel nut, pan etc this is easily removed with regular brushing or by professional cleaning and polishing by the dentist. Sometimes the colors gets imbibe within the deeper layers of teeth which requires tooth whitening procedures. The other common reasons is post orthodontic treatment or braces. Due to prolong braces treatment, teeth tends to decalcify and turn yellow. Sometimes naturally the color of teeth is yellow, this is because of genetics or thinness of enamel. Also underneath the outside layer of enamel is a yellowy core called dentin. As Enamel Wears From Acidic Foods, Grinding Teeth, Scuffs And Natural Aging, this yellow layer gets closer to the surface, making your teeth appear more and more yellow.



Myth-1: Teeth Whitening makes teeth sensitive:

Yes but the sensitivity is temporary. After in office teeth whitening few patients may feel sensation to hot and cold for about a week’s time. The sensitivity is not stable and goes away generally after few days or weeks.

Myth-2: Harms the enamel:

Teeth whitening method implement by an experienced dentist is exactly safe and do not lose the tooth enamel.

All the latest bleaching agents are thoroughly tested for safety before coming in market. However, some over-the-counter bleaching products can harm enamel if they consist of strong chemicals and purifier which can harm the strength of teeth enamel and gums.

Myth-3: It is painful:

Teeth Whitening treatment is 100% painless. However if the bleaching agent comes in contact with gums, it may cause discomfort. The gel is tested on gums which performance as an impediment and restrict whitening agent stunning the gum.

In unusual cases, some sufferer may practice an unimportant misery till some hours after the medication. Taking over-the-counter pain treatment can help fix this ache.

Myth-4: It requires multiple visits to the dentist over the months:

With the help of technology your teeth can be brighten up to 8 shades within an hour’s time. Only in few cases where outcome are not as desired, you may have to meet with for another period of teeth whitening treatment. However in most cases desired results are achieved within an hour’s time.

Myth-5: You won’t have cavities after teeth whitening:

Although the whitening technique makes the tooth look and senses healthy, lightning doesn’t intention teeth extinction. You will still need to have cavities replete to conduct the extinction from meeting the inside of your teeth. Your dentist will generally stuff the cavities first and then program the whitening consultation.

Myth-6: You don’t need oral care after teeth whitening:

Sorry, but No. Whitening does not disrupt bacteria colonies or remove plaque from your teeth. You should keep brushing and flossing your teeth a 2-3 times each day to keep the gathering of plaque. Your dental specialist ought to play out a careful cleaning session once every 6-12 months.

Myth-7: Results last for decades:

Sadly, not true. Your dental care and sort of sustenance and beverages you devour specifically impacts to what extent your teeth remain splendid. Smoking and age also impact the color of your teeth.

You have to know this information about your teeth health.

whitening strips are better and safer than professional bleaching?

Bleaching products contain chemicals such as carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. When using these chemicals, one should be prepared for side effects like tooth sensitivity, as they should experience the veneer to brighten the tooth from the back to front, or on the other hand mouth bruises on the gums, especially when brightening strips come into contact with your gums. We suggests using Custom Whitening Trays Instead Of Strips to avoid contact with your gums and to better reach the curves of your teeth.

What about natural whitening remedies?

Using natural remedies like hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice  Not Only Don’t Work, But Can Poorly Affect Your Dental Health.

“hydrogen peroxide essentially doesn’t work and will disturb the proportion of good to terrible microorganisms in your mouth,”. Citrus Fruit like lemons or strawberries also hurt your teeth. “The way it works is the acids destroy your teeth  enamel. At last, you can do perpetual harm to your teeth on the off chance that you take this course to brightening your teeth.”

For best tooth whitening effect after in-office bleaching, few at home custom made bleaching sessions gives longer whitening effects. For further queries, contact aesthetic dentist Ekdantam dental Clinic for best treatment advice for your case.


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