All on 4 full Mouth implant in Jaipur, India

All on 4 full Mouth implant, Full dental implant in jaipur, best dental implants in india,

This is a technique to replace all missing teeth in both or either Jaw. All on 4 means all lower or upper teeth on 4 implants .This is a very old successful technique preferred in those in whom bone is less, so more implants cannot be placed .

This technique  is also cheaper as compared to ALL ON 6 AND ALL ON 8 (GIVE DIRECT LINKS TO THESE PAGES ) as less implants are used to support all teeth in either arch .So they put less financial burden over patients.

What is the procedure ?

  1. Four implants are placed in lower or upper jaw .Anterior two implants are placed straight and posterior two implants are placed at an angle to prevent some vital structures .
  2. After implant placement .A temporary teeth (a soft relined denture) are given for 2-3 months ,and if good primary stability with Implants is achieved a permanent teeth can be given directly over implants .
  3. After 2-3 months a impression is made and final permanent prosthesis (Teeth )are given over them.

All on 4 full Mouth implant, Full dental implant in jaipur, best dental implants in india,

How successful are teeth on all on 4 technique?

Long term studies have shown high success rate with this technique. All on 4 technique was created by Dr. Paulo Malo and there are  many Researches that have shown excellent result.

The success rate of prosthesis over Implant is  close to 100%.  The average success rate for implant survival rate after 10 years is about 95%.

In all On 4 we use 4 implant for either arch , so if in case a single fails also due to some reason it can be replaced with a new implant and rest can work the same way .


  1. This technique reduces the cost , as less implants required .
  2. Most Important  the complex surgical and grafting procedures required for placing more implants is Avoided.
  3. High success Rate ,over 95 percent on a 10  year follow up.