Sinus lift in upper posterior implants

Upper jaw bone is soft bone and with loss of teeth it gets lost , due to loss of function . Implants are something that simulate your lost tooth root . Implants are inserted in bone . but with loss of bone,  placement of implant gets impossible without grafting many times  .

Similarly with loss of tooth in posterior upper jaw , the  bone resorbs very fast , and to place a implant a simultaneous (Sinus lift ) grafting procedure is required to place a implant .

What is maxillary sinus ?

Maxillary sinus is a hollow bone lined with a membrane that is present in upper posterior jaw (SEE X RAY BELOW ) .The bone in which implant is to be placed is present below it . There should be atleast 10-12 mm bone height for implant placement . The X ray below on right upper posterior side has less bone and require sinus lift with grafting so that height of bone can be increased for implant placement .

Sinus lift in upper posterior implants, Dental Implant in jaipur

Pre OP


Sinus lift in upper posterior implants, Dental Implant in Jaipur

Post OP

There are many question that comes to your mind before sinus lift ?

q1 ) Is sinus lift painful procedure?

Ans Sinus lift is a routine grafting procedure with a specialized technique with no post operative pain but with slight swelling post operatively that subsides within 3-4 days .We at Ekdantam do it with a piezosurgery unit to make it painless and highly predictable.

Q2) How much are the chances of success of sinus lift ?

Sinus lift is the most predictable grafting procedure and if done correctly gives  100 % results .