Single Tooth implant in Jaipur India

It has been very common that a single tooth is lost due to caries , trauma, failed root canal treatment (RCT) and many other causes . First it is very important to understand what all problems besides aesthetics a single missing tooth can cause to the remaining dentition . In few months ,tooth adjacent to the missing tooth  start drifting to the empty space of missing tooth and also the tooth just opposite to it start supra erupting  , causing problems with occlusion , aesthetics and function .

Single Tooth implant

How can we replace a single missing tooth?

The most important reason for replacing a missing tooth is Aesthetics and function . Implants is the best alternative for replacement  A SINGLE MISISING TOOTH  as Implants are more aesthetic , less traumatic, as compared to other conventional ways to replace a missing tooth like bridges and removable appliances.


AESTHETICSMost aesthetic as it looks as if tooth is emerging like natural tooth from below gums .Less as compared to ImplantsNo
FunctionMost EfficientEfficientNot efficient as Appliance keep on moving
TRAUMATICLeast if done properlyLong visits required , Intentional RCT and crown cutting are traumaticNo
PAINFULLNoIntentional RCT can be painfulNO
COSTOverall cost over years will be minimum as are long lasting.CostlyCheap
LONGEVITY10 years success rate is 99%Damages adjacent tooth for support.Lead to damage to adjacent natural tooth due to lateral forces .
SAFE100 percent safe and biocompatibleSafeSafe
Force distribution Best along the long axisForce more on natural tooth lead to failure on long termLateral forces that is imperfect for natural tooth.


So seeing this we can decide that Implants are the best option for replacing a single missing tooth.


Dental implants for missing single tooth is a short procedure that takes around 10 minutes to one hour for the implant placement .

The procedure is totally painless with no postoperative pain after surgery . Even the later stage of Implant uncovering  two procedure at EKDANTAM DENTAL CLINIC is done with LASER that do not require any injection .

Visit 1:- During first visit Implant is placed at the site of missing tooth or also can be placed at the same time of extraction  if tooth is failing and need to be extracted.


FIRST a Osteotomy (HOLE)  is prepared with a sequence of drills for implant placement .You should not be afraid of drills because it is something that you will not even realize it as site is already anaesthetized .No pain at all.

After the Osteotomy is prepared Implant is inserted and site is sutured .

At the same time a provisional (Temporary) Restoration is given for some time (AROUND 2-3 MONTHS )so that implant gets engaged in bone (OSSEOINTEGRATE ).

Visit 2:- After 2-3 months of implant insertion Impression is taken and a final crown is screwed over your Implant .

In some cases if bone quality is good we can go for direct final crown over implant just after implant placement .