Immediate tooth implant in Jaipur, India

Immediate implants means that a decayed or fractured tooth is removed and implant is placed at the same time in the same socket with some osteotomy preparation .

What is the procedure :-

  1. The infected or fractured tooth is removed .
  2. Site is curetted and cleaned with antiseptic solution to clean all residual infection .
  3. The site is than drilled with sequential drills for implant placement .The advantage is that here the drilling is very minimal as after extraction the site has a hole that just need slight shaping for implant placement .Than the implant is placed .
  4. Implant is left to integrate with bone  for 2-3 months depending on the site .
  5. After 2-3 months impression is made and crown is placed over implant

There are many questions that may come in your mind before a immediate implant :-

1) Do my old infected tooth can lead to infection in my implant ?

Answer is Yes BUT  it depends on the condition , a normal infection that can be curretted out , does not cause any problem and a implant can be placed at the same time , but a tooth with pus drainage and purulent infection should not be implanted at the same time .So the site should be evaluated before placement .

2) what are the advantages of immediate implant :

  • It prevents need of a second time surgery for implant placement after extraction .
  • Very less drilling and surgical trauma as site is already prepared .
  • a extracted socket is a contained defect (this type of defect has good bone fill and regeneration ) and thus implant integration with the bone is of high quality .
  • Most important this reduces the time required for the treatment by 4-5 months .