Dental Implants : What Are They And The Procedure, Is It Painful Or Scary ?

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Tooth loss is like a unforgettable dream that no one want to dream off . It is scary to even think off , that your natural tooth due to caries , trauma , fracture need to be pulled out of your mouth .

Sometimes due to pyorrhea many or all of your teeth get mobile or lost and hinders daily activities of life . But days are now gone when we need to think about all this .

We have got a replacement for all your missing teeth whether it is a single or multiple missing teeth.

Dental Implants have revolutionarised tooth replacement .

There is no need to wear those old days dentures that moves while eating and comes out of the mouth while talking , and does not give  aesthetic  result on your face .

Dental Implants is a simple and best replacement for all missing  teeth.

It is an alternative to give you the same natural look and comfort while eating that you had with your healthy  natural tooth .


Dental Implants are fixtures of titanium that is embedded in bone as your natural tooth root is embedded . Over this Implant a crown is placed that is the part visible in mouth with which we chew our food .

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So Dental Implant helps to provide a platform for the upper crown to be screwed over it .



1) The procedure of dental Implant is very safe and painless . During the first visit all X ray examinations and blood investigations are done . After that it is evaluated what size of implant and how many implants will be needed to replace your missing teeth .

2) During the day of surgery, Implants are inserted in the bone (Fig 1) and left for healing so that bone integrates with the dental implant as it use to integrate with natural root when present . It takes 2-3 months for the implant to integrate with bone depending on the site of mouth where implant is placed{known as osseointegration (fig 2)} .

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3)During this period of 2-3 month a temporary tooth will be given that will serve all your purpose of eating and aesthetics .

4) After 2-3 months impressions are made for permanent crown formation over your implant and Crown is screwed over the Dental Implant .(Fig 3 &4)

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5) Similarly if many of the tooth are missing they can be replaced . This gives the exact natural look and function and also the most important thing is that it prevents any damage or loss to the adjacent natural tooth .

Are Dental Implant painful and Scary as the name and procedure looks?

Dental implant procedure is totally painless and 100 percent safe . The whole procedure is done under local anesthesia that too now days have become painless with the latest techniques of giving anesthesia. After surgery also the post op healing is painless and all daily work and office can be done from the very next day or just after surgery .


Things to be Looked before going for Implant surgery :-

Always Look for best quality of dental implant, proper sterilization protocols followed , Qualifications of your Implantologist  , Quality of prosthesis made over the implant , grafts and membranes used during the procedure , Impression material and techniques .

SO if you have a single or many missing teeth . Get them replaced at the earliest with Dental Implants .


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