Which Dental Implant System You Should Get ?

There are many brands of implants available in market . Each implant system is different . The difference lies in shape of implant quality of material used for fabrication , and Most importantly surface of implant

1) Shape of implants affects how well implant  engages with natural bone .

Dental Implant System, Dental clinic in Jaipur

First implant system is Adin , the rings of implant are far, second implant system is Osttem and rings are very near , so better bone engagement

2) Quality of material :- All implants are made of Titanium alloy .. There are many grades of titanium .All good implants are made up of grade 4 and above .

3) Than most important is the SURFACE OF IMPLANTS . There are many surfaces available with implants like Anodized surface , machined surface , RBM surface ,SLA surface , Laserlok . Out of all these surfaces SLA (SAND BLASTED ACID ETCHED ) surface implants are considered as one of the best implants and most of the good implant systems in the market uses them. To name some are NOBEL , OSTTEM , NEOBIOTECH , ADIN .

You should ask your doctor about the brand of implant which is to be  placed . Always go for a good quality of implants . Some good brands are Nobel Biocare , Osstem, Dentsply, Ankylos , Neobiotech, Biohorizon.

Dental Implant System, Dental clinic in JaipurAlso important along with implant is type of crown (prosthesis )  that will be screwed over implant .  We at EKDANTAM always uses OPEN TRAY Impression technique with POLYETEHR IMPRESSION MATERIAL that is considered best for implant Impression . We also prefer screw retained prosthesis for our patient as it has advantage of longetivity , easy  retrievability in case if required.