Firstly i want to say Ekdantam is the best clinic for Dental implant in Jaipur.As someone who has an extreme fear of dentist (due to childhood trauma thanks to my childhood dentist), it was hard for me to accept that i had tooth decay and needed treatment, for 3 years i ignored it, came up with excuses, dealt w the pain but refused to get treated, but eventually, my excuses could no longer handle the severity of my toothache and i had to go to a dentist; who was disappointed- because by this time i had severe molar decay and my tooth couldn’t be saved and i had to get an implant. But of course i refused. i went to approximately 12 dentists until i came across Ek Dantam and found a Dr KapilĀ  who was professional yet was sensitive and understood that some people just didn’t like drills in their mouths. The process was painless- the extraction of the rotten tooth, the insertion of a titanium screw and finally the implant (which I got done today). none of this hampered with my daily activities or plans. Although, i am still not a big fan of dentists and would hesitate to visit a new one, I’m glad i found one who works well for me and you might too. definitely recommended.

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