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Case of 6 Emax Ceramic Veneers

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10 Year old Composite Veneer survived without any maintance.

40 Year Old patient Looking for more youthfull appearance.


  • old composite removed under microscope surprised to see huge gaps under those composite.
  • Veneer preps done..
  • Note the finish line of ceramic veneer in gaps cases
  • Double Cod technique for impression makingtemporisation.


  • Convery to your technician the age of patient always!!(One of the factors for determining Color, Texture, Translucency is age)
  • Giving Color map makes technician job simpler.
  • Patient would always want ultra white..Keep patient chioce in mind but your knowledge, experience in front.
  • With Fine wrinkles lip thinning, facial ageing –  ultra white and high translucency would give fake look.


Follow Manufacturer instruction for cementing.

Make sure to remove all extra cement ..My Blade no 12.


Happy Patient.



Place:- Ekdantam Dental Clinic

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