Case:- A Pretty Face Deserve Beautiful Smile

A Pretty Face Deserve Beautiful Smile

Because everyone deserves beautiful smile !

A case of midline diastema – NO Prep Direct Composite Restoration.

Keep smiling


Challenges :

  1. Thick papilla to be taken care of.
  2. Since it’s non prep case – managing the mesial translucency.
  3. Achieving proper midline without making tooth look big.

Smile view
I am happy with her over all golden proportions and smile curve.

The key to not to make tooth look big – Shift transitional line angles to new position and proper finishing and polishing!

Immediate post op view
The thick tissue got compressed and nicked due to isolation and finishing

Immediate post op view
I am worried on papilla compression and whether the soft tissue will like my restoration.
Midline symmetry achieved.

Close up immediate view:
Was initially thinking of laser gingival contouring the mesial part of gingiva of 21. But thought may be later on let’s see how tissue responds.

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