Prf has revolutionized Implant dentistry in recent years . It has helped to make advance implant surgery highly successful with great results . Its use during grafting has added to the benefit of fast and best results.

What is PRF:-

PRF stands for platelet rich fibrin. It is basically a clot of fibrin that has many growth factors that helps bone and soft tissue to form and heal fast .

How is PRF made ?

About 10 ml of blood is taken from the vein and it is centrifused in Specialized centrifugal machine designed to make PRF , and its other form like sticky bone ,IPrf , L PRF ,MPRF.

What is PRF

Advantage and uses of PRF:-

1) PRF is full of growth factors like Platelet derived growth factor , transforming growth factor , Fibroblast growth factor , Vascular endothelial growth factor and many others that enhance the regenerative capability of bone and soft tissue formation many times .This makes grafting highly successful many folds.

What is PRF

2)It also helps to secure the graft precisely and increase the bone forming potential (Inductive power) of graft many times.

Also handling of graft becomes very easy with formation of a very advance and latest technique of making iPRF, that is used to make “sticky bone”.

What is PRF

Summary :- EKDANTAM is equipped with a specialized machine from SHK QUANTOS for making PRF and its other forms to make Grafting and Implant surgery with GREAT results.What is PRF