Piezosurgery guided Advance bone surgeries

PEIZOSURGERY IS LATEST and Advance  device ,  THAT IS USED TO CUT bone Atraumatically and very precisely without causing any trauma to near by vital organs and soft tissue.

Its role in Implant dentistry is very pivotal. There are procedures in oral cavity where lot of extensive grafting is required to place implants like sinus lift (give a link )ridge split and expansion (give a link ) .There are many old methods to do them with a saw or with a bur . But these method  are not precise , and causes lot of tissue trauma .To overcome these drawbacks piezosurgery unit is used

EKDANTAM is equipped with the latest technology of piezosurgery  unit that helps to get a precise cut with highly predictable results . This help to cut only hard tissue and no soft tissue so prevents membrane tear problem during sinus lifts. Also they cause no postoperative  pain and very less swelling as compared to conventional saw and bur technique.

Use of Piezosurgery unit :

There are many uses of Piezosurgery :

1)SNIUS LIFT :- Sinus lift is required for posterior area of upper jaw when there is less bone for implant placement . In this procedure a window is made in bone to lift the sinus membrane so that grafting can be done to achieve the amount of bone required for implant placement . Piezosurgery unit helps to make this window without causing any trauma to the sinus membrane inside tearing of which with conventional technique can cause a lot of trauma.

Piezosurgery guided Advance bone surgeries, Dental Implant in Jaipur, Best Dental clinic in Jaipur, India

2)Ridge split and Ridge Expansion  :- Sometimes our bone in which the implant is to be placed is very thin and implant of appropriate size cannot be placed . So in such cases  bone width  is increased in size by splitting the bone and expanding it .This helps to place a implant of appropriate size . Ridge splitting is done with piezosurgery unit to prevent trauma and bone from fracturing.

Ridge split and Ridge Expansion, Dental Implant in jaipur

3)Block graft :- It is also a procedure to increase the width of bone where implant is to be placed in areas where width is deficient .A piece of bone is taken from chin area or back side of lower jaw and this bone is screwed over the area where bone is deficient for implant placement.

Ridge split and Ridge Expansion, Dental Implant in Jaipur, Best Dental clinic in Jaipur, India

Summary :- It is a very vital tool for all grafting and advance implant surgeries . We at EKDANTAM are equipped with world latest technologies for making all surgical procedures highly predictable and Atraumatic .