Osseodensification (Densah Bur System)

It is the most recent and latest innovation in implant dentistry which has changed all horizons of site preparation for implant placement .We at EKDANTAM make sure to involve all the latest innovation , that makes difficult and Advance Procedures very simple with the modern and latest technology available. EKDANTAM Has become one of the first centers in north India to have this latest technology .

What is Osseodensification ?

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Normally bone drilling kits available in market moves in clockwise direction for cutting , so it cuts into the bone and removes the bone out while drilling , so basically it losses all the healthy bone from the site of implant placement.

But on the contrary Versah Densah bur system does not cut into the bone as it moves in ANTICLOCKWISE direction , it densifies the bone around the site of implant placement . Dense compacted bone tissue produces stronger purchase for your favorite dental implant and may facilitate faster healing. It also increases the stability of Implant .

Advantages of using Versah Burs :-

Advantages of using Versah Burs , What is Osseodensification

Also in area which require grafting , for Eg :-

1) With very thin bone  That require ridge splitting and grafting :-  It increases the width of bone as it densifies the bone around the site of implant placement and increase the Bulk around , and reduces the need for splitting or grafting of bone .

2) Sinus lift :- Similarly when bone is deficient in posterior areas of upper jaw , Sinus lift (Give a link to sinus lift ) is done to place implant for which additional graft is to be added , but with this new technique of Densah burs it automatically lifts the membrane while we drill into the bone as it densifies the bone around and apical to it and lifts the Maxillary Sinus  membrane .