How Long Does Dental Implant work?

This a a very imporatnt question that comes to mind that investing so much and after all surgical procedures will my implant last long ? So the answer for this is YES ! When done properly and a good prosthesis is placed dental implants last life long. Long term studies have shown that a success Rate of over 98 percent has been found for over 10 years of use. Implant success depends on many things :-

1) Implant surgery :- Most important factor besides using a good implant is a good implant surgery , If a implant is placed with good surgical intervention and proper sterilization protocols followed , than success rate of implant increase many folds for a long period .

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2) Prosthesis or Crown :- Second most important step is prosthesis or crown above the implant . A proper screw retained prosthesis with open tray impression technique fabricated with a good material is considered best for implant longetivity . We at EKDANTAM uses POLYETHER material for all Implant Impression and uses open tray impression technique and gets the crown fabricated from illusion or KATARA lab , the best labs in INDIA .

3) Good oral hygiene :- This is very important from implant point of view like natural teeth implant teeth should also be maintained well with proper brushing and flossing .

4) Regular dental visits :- Regular dental visit once a year for regular cleaning and Xrays helps to maintain Implants and keep them healthy  .