Does Dental Implants look Natural like your own Teeth?

Does Dental Implants look Natural like your own Teeth

Yes! Dental Implant Gives you Natural Look- know how?

Dental implantation is a process to make over the damaged tooth by placing artificial tooth root into the jaw. This artificial root helps the tooth to get support like natural roots.

There are many dental implants center in India offering the dental implant services and finding the right one is really a tough task.

Before starting your search, here are the answers you should know to make the search more relevant for the natural look.

Why choose dental implant?

A dental implant is an ideal choice for the patient who has good oral health but have some tooth related problems due to injury or some reason.

This is the best option to save the tooth than the traditional bridgework as dental implant do not depend on neighboring tooth for support and get assistance from artificial roots.

It is so natural that you cannot distinguish between the natural and artificial tooth. This process of dental treatment makes you confident in personal as well as professional life.

For the people who are hiding their real smile due to missing teeth and don’t feel confident about the denture, a dental implant is the best dentist solution to them.

When you are going to choose the clinic, you should check for the success rate of the dental implant as well because it is about a lifetime.

What dental implant does?

  • Make your denture look secure and comfortable.
  • Hold the tooth and works as a supportive root for a denture.
  • Minimises the chances of removing denture partially.
  • Replaces and treat the targeted tooth without affecting the nearing teeth.
  • Supports a bridge.

What are the types of dental implants to choose?

Basically, dental implant treatment is divided into two parts which include subperiosteal and endosteal.

  1. Endosteal is the most widely chosen options by patients who come to the best dental clinic in Jaipur. The special thing about this option is that the cylinders, screws, and blades are placed in the bone of the jaw. Each dental implant in this type supports one or more teeth. The patients with removable denture and bridges can get benefits from Endosteal for the jawbone treatment.
  2. Subperiosteal holds on the jawbone by the use of posts (of the metal framework) through the gum which well places the prosthesis. This option is good for the patient who cannot wear traditional denture and the bone height of the jaw is minimum. When you will visit your nearby best dentist, you can see the real examples of it at the clinic.

What is the advantage of a dental implant?

  • The beauty of a dental implant is that it looks so natural as your own teeth. Nobody can know that your teeth are artificial if you didn’t tell, it is that natural.
  • Dental implant makes your denture and bone structure collaborated. Apart from this, it also helps in preventing problems such as gum recession and bone loss.
  • The neighbouring teeth remain untouched. Further, it doesn’t reduce the quality of adjacent teeth and not used for support. For a long-term purpose, choosing the best dental implant centre in India is a good option.
  • It makes you eat and speak again with comfortable dental structure. With the secured option, you are not required to worry about the wobbles of teeth and problems such as irksome clicks.
  • Considering the success rate, a dental implant is a good option for tooth replacement.

What is the treatment type to get a natural look?

This is a process which involves the patient and team of professionals together to get a natural look of the dental structure.

Before implanting the artificial teeth, the prosthodontist consults with the patients to get an exact idea of placement. Based on your choice of implant type and condition of the denture, implant process takes place.

  • For single teeth replacement:

If the patient has only one tooth missing, it can be done with a single implant and a single crown.

  • For several teeth replacement:

For such type of patients, an implant-supported partial bridge can help to get a natural look.

  • For all teeth replacement:

If the patient wants to replace all the teeth, an implant-supported full bridge can work wonder for you.

  • Sinus Augmentation:

The success rate of the dental implant depends on the best dentist you are consulting and quality of the bone. Through sinus augmentation, the upper jaw areas can get treatment to improve the appearance.

  • For Deformities

The patient with a problem in the upper or lower jaw can get the right treatment by reducing the bony effect. Ridge modification works effectively, in this case, to make the appearance natural looking for the years and more.

Do dental implants hurt?

With the best dentist in Jaipur, you will please to know that it won’t hurt you and your pocket as well. As in dental implant, the quality and success rate is the main consideration, the patient will not regret later if he gets them both.

Overall, you can get the natural appearance of your dental structure again with the dental implant. For a better result, you should look for the best dental implant center in India.

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