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Dental Filling

What Is A Tooth Filling

A tooth filling is a procedure to restore tooth injured from decay to get back original shape. Tooth color fillings is also referred as composite fillings, mercury free fillings or composite renewals. A tooth color filling is used when our tooth are affected by degeneration, cracks, breakages, occurrence of gap between teeth and many more. The affected part of your tooth is substituted with a composite filling which balance the shape and size of your teeth.

Basically, tooth colored filling are made up of composite resin fillings. The substances used in filling contain a features of normal tooth structure like wear-opposition and translucency. When you went to a professional dentist he or she firstly remove damaged tooth parts, then clean it and after that fill out with filling materials. The material for tooth filling contains gold, ceramic ware, a composite resin and an amalgam. A composite filling gives you a prefect cosmetic improvement to your teeth.

Here are few reasons for selecting the tooth colored fillings are cavity free appearance, improved confidence level, beautiful smile, maintain the strength of teeth, durable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing. But there are some unknown kind of tooth colored fillings disadvantages  occurred. However, some patients have undergone experience and discomfort while going into filling process. Patients feel some pain and sensitivity while taking hot and cool food items and beverages, particularly in the primary week or two after treatment done.

Tooth Colored Filling Restoration Process

Following are some steps to restore your customized tooth colored fillings:

  • Firstly take out the decayed part of the teeth.
  • Carve the surface to make a plane for the filling
  • Brush tooth surface with a bonding agent.
  • Apply numbers of layers of dental composite
  • Place the filling into tooth area by hardening it with a vast strength of light
  • Glisten the white filling to get the same color as your teeth and match absolutely with your winning smile

Types of Dental Fillings

Following types of material is used to balance the shape of teeth from where cavities has been abstracted.

  1. Silver Amalgam Fillings

Silver Amalgam Fillings

Most dentist recommend to use of silver colored fillings due to long lasting and cost effective than other cavity filling material. Silver amalgam filling is well known filling because of its durability. It is a mixture of minerals having silver, zinc, tin, copper and mercury. The age of silver amalgam filling can be last 15 or more than years. It is quite easy for dentist to fit silver amalgam into tooth decay.


  • Cost efficient.
  • Amalgam filling are strong in nature.
  • Less sensitive to moisture.
  • It is easy for dentist to fit in one visit.


  • Amalgam filling doesn’t match with your teeth color.
  • Filling can rust or stain after a period of time which causes discoloration to your teeth.
  • Dentist need to excel the tooth area to make protected pocket by cavity preparation to keep the filling setup.
  • Some people may cause allergy due to amalgam filling.
  1. Composite Fillings

Composite filling are composed of quartz or glass materials which make a powerful and aesthetically filling. Most of people prefer to use of composite filling because it can be found in same color to the existing shade of our teeth. Although, composite filling is not long lasting as other dental fillings. We have to replace composite filling in every five years which is expensive than other silver amalgam fillings.


  • Composite filling will match with the color of your teeth.
  • It is easy for dentist to fit in one visit but an inlay may take two visits.
  • Less drilling require by other fillings.
  • Use mixture of other filling like glass ionomer to get advantage of both materials for your teeth.


  • Composite filling is costly than amalgam fillings.
  • The composite filling may shirk, generate gap between the tooth and filling which lead cavities in areas where there is no contact with your teeth.
  • These filling take much time and labor to fit which increase cost.

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  1. Ceramic Fillings

Ceramic Fillings

Commonly, ceramic filling are made up of a collection of materials like plastic and ceramic to get a artificial teeth color filling.  It is found that ceramic filling are costly than other types of filling but they are tooth colored and more resistant to dyeing  your tooth decay. A ceramic filling is also long lasting as silver filling. It is so hard as our tooth decay.


  • Ceramic filling is same as your teeth color.
  • Corrasion and resistant to stain.


  • Ceramic are more breakable than composite resin.
  • Ceramic filling need to be large enough which help from breaking. It means the teeth size will be reduced.
  1. Glass Ionomer Fillings

Glass Ionomer Fillings

The glass ionomer filling is beneficial for children when their teeth is changing. This filling is not long lasting, w e have replaced between less than five years. Whether they are weaker than other fillings. Traditionally, glass ionomer filling is not same as our tooth color.


  • Glass ionomer produce fluoride which is beneficial for your teeth from decay.
  • Glass ionomer matches tooth colored but not always.
  • This filling easily stick with your teeth which is good to prevent leakage nearby filling.


  • Glass ionomer doesn’t matches tooth colored.
  • It is much weaker than composite resin.
  1. Gold Fillings

Gold Fillings

Nowadays. Gold is also used as a filling material for teeth but it difficult to find a dentist who recommend for gold filling. People found that it is more satisfactory than other type of tooth fillings. You can also select tooth colored composite fillings for front teeth and gold filling for the rest of teeth. However, gold is tough, durable, valuable, don’t rust and last for more than 15 years.


  • Gold doesn’t rust your teeth.
  • Gold filling is durable in nature and it is long lasting than other fillings.


  • Costly
  • Gold filling doesn’t matches with tooth colored.

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