Bone Grafting / Bone Regeneration

Implants are placed in bone , and for successful implant that should stay for long period ample amount of bone should be there . But in many cases there is very deficient or poor quality of bone that is not sufficient and ideal for implant placement , as suck . In these cases grafting plays a pivotal role as it increases bone volume and also improves bone quality .Many area in jaw specially upper jaw becomes deficient of bone soon after tooth loss.

There are many types of grafting :

1) Sinus lift :- Upper jaw posterior area is the most common area that has deficient bone because of Pneumatization of maxillary sinus that is hollow , with loss of teeth or with pyorrhea. This area require frequent grafting for implant placement . We at EKDANTAM USE Peizosurgery unit , BIOOSS graft with Bioguide membrane and PRF Growth factors for making it highly successful. The XRAY Below shows deficient bone in posterior upper jaw due to hollow Maxillary sinus . So in such cases sinus lift is done to increase the height of bone for implant placement.

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2) Due to some cyst or tumor :- There are many times tooth gets lost due to some cyst or tumor , this also leads to bone loss during cyst removal . Such cases require grafting for implant placement :-Below is a case of radicular cyst and after removal of cyst there was big defect that was grafted for implant placement , and final with prosthesis .

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3) Bone loss due to Trauma or pyorrhea:- There are many times when bone is much deficient that before implant placement , site is to be grafted so that enough bone can be regenerated.

In below case patient had pyorrhea and had loss of lot of bone that implant placement was not possible with Grafting (GBR) . This is a Case of GBR (Guided bone regeneration) for vertical and horizontal bone augmentation done with Tenting screws , sticky bone(PRF GROWTH FACTOR added to bone graft ) made with BIOOSS, and Titanium mesh screwed and PTFE membrane (cytoplast) placed over it.

Bone loss due to Trauma or pyorrhea, full tooth or dental implant in jaipurBone Grafting / Bone Regeneration

4)Ridge split and Expansion: – Many times width of bone is very less for implant placement of sufficient width . Because there should be ample amount of bone around implant for long term success. In such cases ridge expansion is done peizosurgery unit by splitting the ridge from middle and then increasing the width along with simultaneous implant placement.

Case :-  Below is CT SCAN SECTION  where bone width was 4.1 mm and height was 6.8 mm . We expanded the width to 7 mm and placed a implant of 5 mm width and also performed indirect sinus lift to increase the height of bone to place a implant of length 11.5 mm.

Bone Grafting / Bone Regeneration

Summary :- We at EKDANTAM is one of the most ADVANCED CENTERS IN INDIA FOR ALL GRAFTING AND ADVANCE IMPLANT SURGERY AND uses worldwide best  graft material with all latest advances available in dentistry .